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Lir In-Company Training

Empower your Team with Our Expert Training Programmes

Enhance Skills, Boost Productivity and Foster Growth

The Director of Training at Lir Business Services & Training Centre taken in the Lir Studio.
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As a QQI-accredited course provider, we provide training that includes QQI-certified courses relating to all of the following areas: Business Administration, Business Management, Training and development, Personal Development, and a range of Workshops Online and/or In-Company through our Blended and Online Learning, from beginners to Advanced Levels.

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36 Years in Business

36 Years in Business

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What can we offer you, that will give your team the benefits listed below?


We have some QQI Certified Courses at Level 5 and Level 6, Personal Development Workshops, and Tailored Training to customise training programmes to meet your specific company needs.



  • 'Live' Tutor Online Scheduled Short Classes

  • e-Learning modules, webinars, and virtual Workshops

  • Self-Paced Learning with Online Tutor Support

  • Hands-on Workshops

  • On-the-Job Training

  • In-Person Training
  • Mobile Learning

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Some Training Programmes Offered ...

Leadership / Management ...

Technical Skills ...

Soft Skills Training ...

Short Workshops ...


A few Testimonials from Learners who attended our courses either In-Company or 'Live' Tutor-Led Online Courses, or Self-paced.  More Testimonials can be found at the bottom of each course page.

I had the privilege of being taught by a tutor who truly inspired, encouraged, and supported me throughout the course. Frances's meticulous preparation and organisation of the class material were outstanding, creating an environment where I felt completely at ease. Her dedication and passion for teaching not only made learning enjoyable but also deeply motivating. As a result of her influence, I am now inspired to pursue another course to enhance my job prospects and look forward to a brighter future. Thanks to Frances, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and am more confident in my abilities. She is a truly inspiring educator.


I highly recommend this training course to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in their field. The resources provided were exceptional, and the supportive learning environment created by Frances and Joan was truly inspiring. This course has not only equipped me with valuable skills but also motivated me to pursue further education and a career in tutoring. Thank you for this transformative experience.


Linda W, 2024

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