Is Lir Business Services & Training Centre offering Blended/Online courses during COVID-19?

Yes, all many of our modules are available as Blended/Online courses with 'Live' Tutor weekly classes for this period. For information on our courses, click here.

Is Lir Business Services & Training Centre an Approved Provider?

Yes, Lir Business Services & Training Centre was established in 1988 and agreed its Quality Assurance procedures with QQI (Quality Qualifications Ireland) in 2008. Lir is also offers ECDL courses since 1992. For more information, click here.

Who are QQI?

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) is a state agency established by the Quality Assurance and Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 2012. QQI are responsible for the N.F.Q. (National Framework of Qualifications)

Who are ECDL/ICDL?

ICS Skills is the Irish licensee for the ECDL Foundation, the certifying authority of the leading international computer skills certification programme – ECDL/ICDL (European Computer Driving Licence). ECDL is now rebranded as ICDL. Click here for ECDL Courses

What courses do Lir Business Services & Training Centre offer?

Lir offers Blended/Online and Classroom Attendance courses, covering many modules, leading to Level 5 and/or Level 6 Major Awards – Computer software, business administration, business management, train the trainer awards, and ECDL/ICDL modules. For more information on our courses, click here.

Are Lir Business Services & Training Centre’s courses listed on the N.F.Q?

Yes, all our QQI modules are recognized on the N.F.Q in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Internationally. For more information on the N.F.Q. click here.

How will Lir Blended/Online courses be of benefit to me?

As a Lir Learner you will have access to your course materials at any time, including extra support materials for academic writing and plagiarism. You attend the ‘live’ Tutor sessions and weekly contact with your Tutor. You learn at your own pace with support when you need it outside of your 'Live' Tutor classes. You can access your course materials using different devices, including smartphone. Each module, when successfully completed is worth 15 credits and this may lead to completing a Major Award (120 credits) if you decide to add more modules. Remember to discuss this with your Tutor.

What are Course credits?

On successful completion of each module, you achieve 15 credits for a minor award. By completing 8 modules you achieve 120 credits for a Major Award.

How can I pay the Course fee?

There are several options available: you can pay by credit or debit card, cash, or EFT.

To make a payment directly to Lir Business Services & Training Centre contact us on 044-9342754 for our account details. Please Note: Always mention your Learner ID No. whenever you make a payment.

Does Lir offer a flexi-payment option for course fees?

Yes. Terms and conditions apply. For further information, click here.

Can I obtain funding for a Lir Certified course?

Yes. If you are in receipt of either Jobseeker or Social Welfare payments, funding may be available to you (subject to certain criteria) by contacting your local INTREO Office for DEASP funding, or a (TESG) Technical Employment Support Grant. If you are on a CE (Community Employment Scheme, discounted course fees are also available). Remember to bring a copy of the course brochure with you or to email a brochure when applying for funding. If successful, you will be given a form for us to fill out and send back.

Regarding course fees, do I have any protection as a Learner?

Yes, we have Protection for Learners for courses over 3 months duration which means that if we cease trading in the middle of providing a programme to you over 3 months duration, we have legally binding arrangements in place for you to finish your programme through other options or to refund fees most recently paid by you. Click here for more details on PEL (Protection for Enrolled Learners)

What is the duration in completing a Module/Component/Minor or a Major Award?

On successful completion of a Component minor award (1 module) you have 8 weeks in which to compete your course. For a Major Award (8 modules) your have one year in which to complete your course. If you do not have time to complete your course during the specified period simply contact us to apply for an extension, to be agreed. For more information click here.

How much study time will I have to do to complete one Module?

It depends on you, the Learner, but it is recommended to set aside 15 – 18 hours per week which includes time spent on your course assessment(s).

On completion of a Level 5 or Level 6 Major Award, can I progress further to third level?

Click here for more information.

How does the QQI Certification Process work?

How does the ECDL Certification Process work?

Do I need access to a computer?

Yes, you will need to have access to a computer that is connected to the internet/wifi.

Can I transfer to another Course?

This is discussed between you and your Tutor, and then brought to the attention of the Centre Manager to agree on further steps.

Do I have to attend Classes or online Lectures?

Yes, for a Blended/Online course there are 'Live' Tutor sessions in groups or with individual learners, at least once per week, depending the the training needs of the Learner. The Learner has the option of having their camera turned off during the sessions also.

Where can I get additional Course materials?

All the course materials are available online for you, the Learner. However, there are extra resources also available and links if required.

How Does Assessment work with a QQI course?

How does Assessment work with an ECDL course?

Can I apply for an extension to complete my course?

Can I appeal a course result?

Will I receive a my certificate at the end of my course?

On successful completion of your QQI modules you will receive a QQI Component Certificate stating the module title and grade (Pass, Merit, or Distinction).

Can I apply for exemptions for my previous qualifications?

Who is responsible for the design and content of course materials?

Our professional team of experienced course designers with expertise in the subject matter.

How do I book my place on a course?

Contact Lir Reception (044) 934 3754 to speak to someone about your course. You will be given a password to fill out the Learner Registration Form on our website www.lirbusinesscentre.com and you will receive an emailshortly afterwards with your new Lir email address and password to access your course.

Have I access to computer software to complete modules?

Yes. Depending your your course, you automatically have access to Microsoft 365 applications and Sage Bookkeeping and Payroll through Lir for the duration of your course.

Is there a social side to completing Blended/Online courses at Lir?

Yes, you have the opportunity of attending Online Events, get-togethers and break times to celebrate certification, achievements and meet other Learners from other modules.

What is a Major, Minor, Component, Specific Purpose or Supplementary Award:

A Major Award is the principal class of award made at each level. It represents a significant volume of learning outcomes. A major award will prepare learners for employment, participation in society and community and access to higher levels of education and training. A Certificate will be awarded to all learners who successfully complete the major award requirements at levels 1-5 and an Advanced Certificate will be awarded at level 6. All major awards comprise a combination of minor and/or special purpose awards. The learner must successfully achieve all the stated requirements in order to achieve the major award. Learners may gather the appropriate minor and special purpose awards over time to achieve the major award. A Minor award is an award that is derived from and must link to, at least one major, special purpose or supplemental award. Minor awards are smaller than their parent award(s). A minor award is referred to as a Component. A Component Certificate will be awarded to all learners who successfully complete one or more components (i.e. minor awards) but not the full or particular requirement for the Certificate. A Special Purpose Award is made for specific and relatively narrow purposes. All special purpose awards comprise one or more components. The learner must successfully achieve all the stated requirements in order to achieve the special purpose award. A Supplemental Award is an award which recognises learning which involves updating/up-skilling and/or continuing education and training with specific regard to occupations. All supplemental awards comprise one or more components. A Supplemental Certificate will be awarded to learners who successfully complete the award requirements.