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Microsoft Teams Logo in a Computer Screen

We have Microsoft 365 software available to all our current Lir Learners and Lir Staff free of charge.  This software is subscription-free software and ensures that all Lir Learners and Lir Staff have the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams - giving you one less headache to worry about as you start on your course with Lir.

So, how do you install Office 365 on a PC or a laptop.


On a PC:

  • Go to   Make sure you are signed out of your own Microsoft account before you sign into the one provided by Lir.

  • Click Sign In and type in your new Lir email address and Lir password. 

  • Select the App Launcher then select any App to start using it.

  • If you prefer, you can click 'Lir Learner Teams' button above, to go directly to Microsoft Teams for your 'Live' Tutor Classes.

  • Lir Learning Management System Use Policy

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