Lir is an exciting place to take on new modules, learn and/or upskill for todays challenging work environment.  Our certified training is recognised. We are primarily about people first, training second, so that you the Learners, are our main priority.

Our Training

We offer both Classroom-directed training in ECDL and QQI certified modules.  

We offer Blended and Online Learning with 'Live' Tutor classes.  Blended is our blend of both classroom-directed and online learning modules.




To give you, the Learner, the confidence, knowledge, skills and qualifications to help towards your aim in achieving growth and progression towards fulfilling your goals and aspirations, whether that is through training, or through recruitment.

Our Trainers  

All our Trainers and Staff are experienced, qualified and enthusiastic individuals who thoroughly enjoy working with Learners.  At Lir, we also bring a lot of added value to the Learner's learning experience. 

Our Assessment Guidelines

All Learners are given a Learner Handbook detailing our Assessment Guidelines, including submission deadlines, reasonable accommodation, policy on repeats and Learner Appeal procedures. You may contact Lir Reception for any query you have regarding same.

Our Protection For Learners

All our QQI courses are run on a part-time basis and training courses for individual QQI modules of less than 3 months duration which are not subject to Section 43 of the Qualifications Act.  However, any Lir QQI courses for more than 3 months have external insurance cover, policies and procedures, which means that in the unlikely event that Lir Business Services & Training Centre ceases training.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela