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RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Lir Business Services & Training Centre encourage and facilitate learners to gain entry into, and exemptions and credit towards programmes. This is called ‘recognition of prior learning. Recognition of Prior Learning applies to Entry into programmes, Credit towards a programme, and Exemptions from some programmes.

Entry onto a QQI Certified Programme:  Lir Business Services & Training Centre provides detailed pre-requisites for each course on their website and individual course brochures to assist you, the Learner, to understand the requirements to gain entry on one of our courses.

Credit towards a Major award / Requirements of a programme: Existing QQI, FETAC, NCVA or other recognised awards may be used to gain an exemption or a credit for a major award. We offer exemptions from major awards, where approved existing certificates are held by the learner. Exemptions are based on the listed QQI minor awards, which relate to a major award. A copy of the original certificate(s) is required to be submitted to Lir Business Services & Training Centre. If the Learner Application for RPL is approved by the Training Co-ordinator, then these are noted in the Learner Record.

RPL for Awards (based on learning experiences): Lir Business Services & Training Centre does not offer awards purely on the basis of prior experiential learning.

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