PEL - Protection for Enrolled Learners


The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012) - Part 6, stipulates that the legal requirements for QQI Providers of education and training regarding the Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL).


What is the 2012 Act looking for:

The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 tries to ensure that learners have the opportunity to complete a programme in full that leads to an award.  To ensure this, learners are refunded their most recently paid monies if a programme ends before they complete it.  From the start, learners are given adequate and accurate information about the Programme they book and given information regarding the protection that is put in place by Lir Business Services & Training Centre Ltd., in the unlikely event that the training programme ceases prior to their completion.


What is PEL?


PEL is a legal requirement on Education and Training Providers to make sure that there are adequate PEL arrangements available for specified programmes of training delivery.  These programmes are delivered over three months or longer.


If a training provider, such as Lir Business Services & Training Centre Ltd., ceases to provide training delivery, for any reason, the learners who are currently undertaking a QQI programme of study must be accommodated on the same course in the same geographical area delivered by another qualified training provider, OR be offered a refund of the money paid for training (which has not been delivered) in full.


In order to carry this out, Private Training Providers, as part of the Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures, as agreed with QQI, must have arrangements in place with at least two other providers to facilitate the transfer of learners to similar programmes, or, where this is not practical, arrangements for the refund of monies most recently paid is facilitated.


Data Protection:  In the unlikely event that Lir Business Services & Training Centre Ltd, ceases to provide training and PEL arrangements are being implemented, learner data may be shared with, alternate providers, our insurance company and QQI.