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Research and Study Skills QQI 5N1113

It's that time of the year when you are starting College, or embarking on a PLC (Post-Leaving Certificate course) or just registered on our QQI 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award, or our QQI 6M4985 Advanced Business Executive Programme for Office Managers, and you want to do well. The old saying "if I had known then, what I know now" definitely rings a bell for me. In every module you complete in Further Education and Training or College, there is study, research and assessments to be done and being prepared, before this all kicks in, is such a great start.

Naturally enough, you want to do your best. You have saved up for the course, paying your way, received a grant, or your parents have spent their hard-earned cash on your course, so the pressure is mounting already. On my own College degree course some students had already completed a Research and Study Skills course before they started, and it wasn't until the first set of assessments in the first semester that I realised that they were well ahead. It wasn't because I wasn't putting the study in, or taking copious amounts of notes, it was the way I was doing it, that wasn't reaping any rewards. It was what I didn't know first. Getting used to the terminology used, directing my focus, thinking ahead from the moment you get your assessment brief, and of course, time management which everyone thinks they are good at, but really are not in practice. Again, I've poured all my experience, knowledge and skills into this module to give you the student, an added advantage and a positive head-start. I've incorporated other up-to-date tools I've used in my own research and study skills that produced amazing results. It's amazing how may students don't tell anyone they've completed this course, until you see them sprinting ahead relatively at ease, and you wonder how they do it?

I'm here if you need to chat or want to register on this 4-day module for either of our two dates for August 2018, or any of our courses and services. Have a nice August Bank Holiday weekend all. Frances Gallagher (Lir) UPDATE: many enquiries for an evening class, so if interested, let me know, thanks. Frances.

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