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Lir 'Train and Place' Programme

What a great start to the week as part of the Lir 'Train and Place' programme. True to form, we made 3 job placements in office environments this morning. There is something gratifying in being instrumental in securing suitable positions for some of our Lir course participants. This has taught us that it is so important to talk to employers, to find out what THEY need, as opposed to completing courses on what you think YOU need. There is a careful balance here, but if you are genuinely looking for a position in an office, a position to be successful in, and to progress from, then it is something worth thinking about when you are considering a QQI/ECDL Training Provider when booking your course/major award. Ask yourself, are they cluded in to what is happening on the ground and in the workplace. More importantly, ask yourself where are you going to use this knowledge and these skills. If you are an employer who is, or will be looking for office employees in the future, then contact Lir to let us know what you need and we will do our best to train/source suitable employees to fill those positions. Contact:

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