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To train, or not to train ... that is the question?

It's that time of year again, when the Leaving Certificate results come out and, for some, it works out well, and for others, not so well, but it is certainly not the end of the world. You have heard this a dozen times before and it is so true. Jumping straight from Leaving Certificate in second level to college can be daunting for some. How many Leaving Certificate students do you know, who have accepted a degree course, possibly offered a course they didn't particularly want to do, or one where it wasn't what they thought it would be like, a few months into the course. Think of parents having to fork out for college, for transport, possibly for accommodation if they are lucky. For some it works out well and let's face it, for others it doesn't. Think of the guilt some feel when they have to face their parents to say, 'sorry, it's not for me'. But it certainly doesn't have to be this way.

Taking a year out is a total waste of time unless you are doing something that leads to your future progression, either to college, or an apprenticeship, or a job where you hope to progress further or maybe leave college for a year or two. Completing a Level 5 QQI Business Administration Major Award, or a Level 6 QQI Advanced Executive Business Programme Major Award with Lir Business Services & Training Centre will give you that breathing space to truly explore what it is you really want to do. The knowledge, skills, competencies and experience gained will stand to you. These are programmes you can do during the day, or evenings and some Saturdays, leaving you free to find a part-time job to support yourself. Completing one of these major awards will give you progression routes, a chance to apply to college, with an extra qualification achieved to show your commitment. There is also the added advantage that you may complete a module on one of these programmes that steers your interest completely into a different direction, all because you gave yourself the time to think and work it out.

What makes completing a QQI Business Administration Level 5 Major Award (via General Business Administration, or Medical Administration course) or a QQI Advanced Business Executive Programme Level 6 Major Award at Lir Business Services & Training Centre different? We have been training others to be 'job-ready' for over 30 years. Our clients let us know when they need staff through Lir Recruitment which is part of our Lir 'Train and Place' Programme option. Our class sizes are small, thereby allowing greater individual attention. You are treated as an Adult Learner, so it doesn't feel like second level schooling all over again. Make no mistake, it is not an easy option, where you will be sitting back, as plenty of work has to be done, but it is a different, practical option that may be what you need.

If you would like to speak to me regarding training, either full-time or part-time courses, at Lir Business Services & Training Centre in Mullingar, contact me at 086-1567203 or email

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