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Recognised Trainer Courses - QQI (2 modules) Details on an extra but Optional module


The 3 QQI modules are ideal for those who would like to train others. An important addition is the Assessment Practice Level 6 module - are you putting assessments together and marking them, without this qualification?  All modules are suitable for people who have good communication and leadership skills, and wish to help others to achieve their own potential. Our training courses are as follows:


Benefits to completing the above modules are many, including:

  • Progresses your personal and professional development as a Trainer.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Trainer’s role.

  • Gain a 3rd important recognised qualification if you are assessing or marking learners.

  • Increases confidence in Trainer in gaining more understanding, knowledge, and skill in their role.

  • May act as a refresher module in many aspects.

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Training & Development
QQI 6S3372 (Special Purpose)

This module is comprised of two modules that make up this Award.  The two modules are:

  • 6N3325 Training Needs Identification & Design

  • 6N3326 Training Delivery & Evaluation


An ideal module for anyone interested in training others in their own area of expertise.   

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Training Needs Identification & Design
QQI 6N3325

This module forms part of the 6S3372 Training & Development Award and can be used as a component (standalone) award. 

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Training Delivery & Evaluation
QQI 6N3326

This module forms part of the 6S3372 Training & Development Award and can be used as a component (standalone) award.

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Assessment Practice
QQI 6N2228

This module is not included in the 6S3372 Training & Development Award, but it is an essential module for you if you have to assess your Learners, create marking schemes, rubrics and possibly prepare for a QQI External Authentication or other external assessor. 

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