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The Spreadsheets module covers the main concepts and skills needed to use spreadsheets, such as tasks associated with developing, formatting, modifying, and using a spreadsheet.

Organising and analysing data using a spreadsheet application produces useful insights for all types of organisation. In addition to using standard formulas and functions, this module covers visualisation of data through creating and formatting graphs or charts.

The analysis of numerical data is an important activity in a wide range of job roles. Accountants, project managers, sales executives, engineers – and many more – rely
on spreadsheets to carry out crucial calculations.

What will I learn?
What will I learn?

Successful candidates will be able to: 

  • Work with spreadsheets and save them in different file formats, locally or in the cloud. 

  • Use available help resources, shortcuts and the go to tool to enhance productivity. 

  • Enter data into cells and use good practice in creating lists. Select, sort and copy, move and delete data. 

  • Edit rows and columns in a worksheet. 

  • Copy, move, delete and appropriately rename worksheets. 

  • Create mathematical and logical formulas using standard spreadsheet functions. Use good practice in formula creation and recognize error values in formulas.

  • Format numbers and text content in a spreadsheet and use available autoformat/table styles. 

  • Choose suitable charts, and create and format charts to communicate information meaningfully. 

  • Adjust spreadsheet page settings and check and correct spreadsheet content before printing.

Online E-Learning
Entry requirements
  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent, fluency in the English language and intermediate computer literacy level are required.

  • You will be required to complete and pass a basic IT Literacy entry quiz at the start of the course, if you do not pass the quiz you will not be able to continue with the programme.

  • All students should have access to a PC or laptop running a supported version of Windows (e.g Windows 10)Apple/Android devices are not supported and cannot be used for this course.

  • A broadband connection is essential to stream video content.

  • You require a web browser to view content and access web platforms. You will receive an Office 365 licence to use for the duration of the course.

Certification and Assessment

ICDL Profile Certificate in Spreadsheets

When can I start?
Course Fee

Payment Options

Payment in full through Lir Shop, or by secure Payment Link

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