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Hi all,

My name is Frances Gallagher.  I'm the Director of Training at Lir Business Services & Training Centre Ltd.,  and I'm delighted to meet you.

All About Me

Well, I am passionate about the adult training and e-learning sector and am currently leading as the Director of Training at Lir Business Services & Training Centre. My journey spans over 35 years and is filled with rich experiences in business management, office administration, training courses, and recruitment. My expertise lies in teaching, instructional design and e-learning development, where I have blended online delivery methods to empower countless individuals, trainers, and organisations. My work has helped many realise their dreams, reskill, upskill, achieve their personal and professional goals and gain employment over the years.

As the Director of Training, I  embrace cutting edge technology, the latest trends and innovations in the teaching and e-learning landscape. I am committed to exploring new methods to enhance the learning experience for the learner, driven by my passion, expertise, and visionary approach. This commitment has profoundly impacted the lives of numerous learners and organisations. My energy and enthusiasm never wane as I continually strive to push the limits of what is possible in both classroom-based, blended, in-company and online training.


Leadership for me is about fostering a creative, collaborative, and innovative culture, and I proudly do this alongside our incredible team.

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