Center Parcs - 1000 jobs ... start getting ready ...

What a company! I was invited to Center Parcs the day before the official Open Days where we heard about the 1,000 jobs coming on stream within the next couple of months. So, what are they looking for? And, what can you do to better your chances when applying there, or for that matter, to any other companies? They indicated that they needed Management, Human Resources Management, Finance and IT staff, Kitchen Operations Manager, Restaurant and Service Delivery Managers, including Team Members, Shift Leaders, and Supervisor positions, including Secretarial/Admin positions coming onstream in the New Year, all with an emphasis on 'the person first'. So, what are your options?

Have you considered:

Supervisory Management L6 (day Course) starting 23 Oct 2018 in Longford Town, and if you cannot make a day-time course, then 7 Nov 2018 you can book an evening course in Supervisory Management L6 in Mullingar.

Top this with a Human Resources Management Course L6 (evening Course) in Mullingar, which starts on the 23 Oct 2018 and/or a Business Management Course L6 or Leadership Skills L6.

It is too easy to forget to update your IT Skills, so consider learning or brushing up with a level 5 or 6 in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, ECDL, Bookkeeping, or Payroll, for example, where you can book morning and/or evening classes.

Reception and Frontline Office Skills L5 starting this Monday evening 15 Oct 2018 and Customer Service, both at L5 or L6 another option. These modules are very do-able and our courses are all about delivering excellent customer service. We also provide one-to-one Interview Sessions.

On the day, we were told that if you are looking for a position in Center Parcs, remember to register with if you would like them to email you a Job Alert as soon as a position, you have indicated, comes up.

We have no affiliation with Center Parcs, except to let you know the positions we are aware are available. Whether you want to apply to this

company or any other, you still need to be mindful about updating and learning new skills. So, whoever you book your courses with, make sure they can give you that extra edge that 30 years training on the part of Lir Business Services and Training Centre can offer. For more information contact or phone Lir at (044) 934 2754.

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