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Business Administration Skills - 5N1610

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Course Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Our detailed curriculum covers essential topics in business administration, including:

  • Management and Leadership: Understand the principles of effective management and leadership.

  • Financial Planning: Learn to manage budgets, financial reports, and strategic financial decisions.

  • Marketing: Develop marketing plans, conduct market research, and implement marketing strategies.

  • Business Law: Gain knowledge of legal principles affecting business operations.


By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be proficient in essential business administration tasks.

  • Have strong analytical and decision-making skills.

  • Be able to develop and implement effective business strategies.

  • Be prepared to take on leadership roles in various business settings.


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​If you are interested in completing a Major Award, we can suggest the 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award, especially the one we run which comprises 8 modules.  This module is the mandatory modules, so you may want to complete more modules or the Major Award itself. This module is also required on the 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award.   Click the Progression to Major Award above for more information.

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Community Employment (CE)

Our 5N1610 Business Administration course is tailored to meet the needs of CE Supervisors and their participants. This QQI Level 5 course covers fundamental aspects of business administration, preparing learners for administrative roles across various sectors. The course is available in two formats: live online weekly scheduled classes and self-paced learning with online tutor support.

Course Structure and Content

Live Online Weekly Scheduled Classes:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage with experienced tutors in real-time, participate in discussions, and ask questions directly.

  • Scheduled Timings: Classes are held at convenient times to fit into your weekly schedule (mornings or evenings).

  • Collaborative Learning: Benefit from peer interactions and group activities that enhance the learning experience.

  • See Lir's Upcoming Scheduled Course Dates above.


Self-Paced Learning with Online Tutor Support:

  • Flexible Learning: Access course materials anytime, 24/7, allowing the participant to learn at their own pace.

  • Online Tutor Support: Receive guidance and support from qualified tutors through email, discussion forums, and scheduled online consultations.

  • Customisable Schedule: Ideal for those with busy or unpredictable schedules who need flexibility in their learning.

Key Benefits for Community Supervisors and Participants

  • Skill Development: Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in business administration, including office procedures, communication, and record-keeping.

  • Enhanced Employability: Improve job prospects by acquiring recognised qualifications and essential workplace skills.

  • Professional Growth: For supervisors, enhance your ability to support and mentor participants effectively.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the 5N1610 Business Administration course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of business administration in various organizational contexts.

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in a business environment.

  • Manage administrative tasks efficiently using modern office technologies.

  • Apply principles of customer service and record-keeping.

  • Analyse and solve administrative problems using critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Course Content

The course covers the following key modules:

  1. Business Administration Principles

  2. Office Procedures and Management

  3. Effective Communication in Business

  4. Customer Service Excellence

  5. Record-Keeping and Information Management

  6. Introduction to Digital Office Tools

Practical Applications in the Workplace

Participants will apply their knowledge through practical exercises and case studies relevant to community employment settings, ensuring they can confidently handle real-world financial tasks.

Who should enrol?

  • CE Supervisors' participants looking to enhance their employability.

  • Individuals responsible for administration positions within community employment projects.

Benefits of the Course

  • Accredited Qualification: Upon successful completion, participants receive a QQI Level 5 Certificate in Business Administration Skills QQI 5N1610.

  • Enhanced Employability: Skills gained from this course are highly sought after in various sectors, increasing job opportunities.

  • Practical Knowledge: The course emphasises practical skills that can be directly applied in the workplace.

  • Course Delivery: 'Live' Tutor-led Online course with access 24/7 to the Lir eLearning Hub for self-directed study OR Self-Paced course with online Tutor support.

  • Lir Study Zone Session (1 hour) held weekly for participants who want some focussed study time.

Enrolment Details

  • Duration: The course runs for 10 weeks, and it combines online 'Live' Tutor Online sessions.

  • Cost: for CE funding rate contact Lir Reception: (044) 9342754 or email

  • For 'Live' Tutor-led Online weekly classes, Start Date: See Upcoming Course Schedule dates above and fill out the Lir Learner Registration Form above.

  • Early registration is recommended to secure a place.

  • For Self-paced participants, fill out the Lir Learner Registration form and an Induction session will be arranged with you.

Support and Resources

Participants will have access to:

  • Dedicated tutor support throughout the course.

  • Comprehensive learning materials, including textbooks and software tutorials.

  • Learning Materials: Comprehensive course materials, including lecture notes, reading materials, and practical exercises.

  • Online Resources: Access to our online learning platform for additional resources and support.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment is based on two Assignments and an online Exam. Successful participants will receive the QQI Level 5 Certificate in Business Administration Skills), a recognised qualification that can boost career prospects in various office and administrative roles.

Career Advancement Opportunities and Progression

  • Career Opportunities: Enhance participant CV and open up opportunities for administrative roles in various sectors, including healthcare, education, businesses and corporate offices.

  • Further Education: Option to progress to other modules at Level 5 on the 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award (8 modules - this is the mandatory modules on that Major Award) or 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award as an elective.  

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