Text Production - 5N1422

The aim of this award is to provide the Learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to produce a range of documents suitable or an office environment to a mailable standard within a minimum speed of 35 w.p.m. This module has been developed to enable learners to produce an extensive range of documents using at least one of the following: keyboard or voice input.  The focus of the module is on the skills and knowledge required to produce documents to a good, acceptable standard.

QQI Level 4 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience.

QQI 5N1422 Text Production Component Certificate

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Theory, Inputting Text and Document Production:

  1. Examine accepted rules of text production, including punctuation, spacing and word division.

    • Explain and list the rules of punctuation

    • Explain and list the rules of spacing.

    • Explain and list the rules of word division.

  2. Examine accepted formats and conventions for a range of commonly used business documents, to include, letters.

    • Recognise and understand accepted layout format for documents, to include letters, agenda, minutes, memo, itinerary, advertisement, invitation and forms (to include boxes) and reports.

  3. Explain the importance of accuracy and the impact of errors in an organisation’s documentation, both internally and externally.

    • Explore the importance of using dictionaries and thesaurus, and proofreading markings and techniques to an acceptable and mailable standard.

  4. Input text and data accurately from a given source demonstrating correct text production techniques.

    • Input alphanumeric data from a given source displaying correct use of punctuation, spacing and word division.

    • Recognise abbreviations and input corrections appropriately.

  5. Apply accepted rules of text production including punctuation, spacing and word division.

    • Use open or closed punctuation consistently throughout a document.

    • Use spacing rules before and after punctuation correctly.

    • Use capitals where appropriate

  6. Format and emphasise text, using block indented and hanging paragraphs and horizontal and vertical centering.

    • Emphasise text by using bold, underscore, caps etc.

    • Apply block indented and hanging paragraphs to text.

    • Apply horizontal and vertical centring to text.

    • Apply shoulder, side and paragraph headings where appropriate.

  7. Employ dictionaries and thesaurus to proofread documents accurately.

    • Proofread and correct document using a dictionary.

    • Proofread and improve a document using a thesaurus.

  8. Use correct abbreviations for measurements, weights, money and time.

    • Correctly abbreviate measurements, weights, money and time.

  9. Produce documents in a range of layout styles including: letters, agendas, minutes, memos, invitations, reports and forms.

    • Produce a letter, agenda, minutes, memo, invitation, report, form, itinerary from given content.

  10. Insert appropriate references in documents, including, dates, reference numbers, special headings, appropriate marks for circulation and enclosures.

    • Insert a date reference.

    • Insert a reference number.

    • Insert a special heading.

    • Insert circulation (cc) and enclosure marks (enc).

  11. Output tabular statement or table in acceptable format with or without ruling.

    • Create a table using specific format and input text into the table.

    • Insert leader dots appropriately.


Keyboarding Skills:

  1. Use standard speed building techniques.

    • Keyboarding skills practice, using accepted keyboard technique.

    • Use of keyboard skins/covers, may be used.

  2. Design documents that are consistent in layout, style and form.

    • Create documents that are consistent in layout, style and form, for example, using blocked text, centred text, right aligned etc.

  3. Input text accurately from source within a specified time.

    • Input text for 10 minute keyboarding skills and accuracy exercises.

  4. Attain a minimum speed of 35 wpm.

    • Type a passage with a minimum of 35 wpm.

    • Build speed up to 35 w.p.m.

  5. Attain a minimum accuracy of 97%.

    • Type a passage with an accuracy of 97%

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