Retail Selling - 5N1619

This programme module aims to provide a learner with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to operate effectively and efficiently in a range of retail selling environments displaying professionalism and best practice when dealing with customers.

What will I learn?

Learners will be able to:

1. Explain the principles and capabilities of a range of technologies currently utilised in the retail sector to include cash registers, bar code scanners, electronic payment units, security devices, and stock control systems

2. Interpret key terminology and trends in retail selling

3. Analyse the impact of a range of factors on a retail environment to include customer loyalty, merchandising, retail ethics, training and communications skills

4. Analyse current retail legislation and identify key legal responsibilities in relation to employers, employees, customers and product manufactures

5. Identify health and safety initiatives aimed at improving safety in a retail environment.

6. Analyse the key characteristics of a range of payment options available to customers in a retail environment

7. Analyse the key characteristics of a range of retail environments to include self-service, online selling and personal service

8. Employ a range of techniques to identify appropriate opportunities to open or close a sale, to deal with complaints or to present alternative products

9. Employ a range of communication skills in a retail environment to include use of active listening, product demonstration, and customer support techniques

10. Employ secure cash handling techniques when dealing with a range of procedures to include refunds, void sales, vouchers, electronic transactions, payment validation, cheques, floats, product exchange and credit notes.

11. Employ standard procedures to utilise a range of devices currently used in the retail sector to include cash registers, bar code scanners, electronic payment units, security devices, and stock control systems

12. Design a procedure for dealing with an unexpected incidence such as a fire or an injury in a retail environment

13. Contribute to the planning and implementation of effective customer services policies to include returns, cash and carry, delivery and after sales services

Take responsibility for the effective handling of customer feedback.

  • Classroom-based, face-to-face 'Live Tutor instruction/in a classroom/and online class environment.

  • Workplace learniong.

  • Blended learning (hybrid model where a portion of learning is classroom-based and a portion of which is online learning.   

  • During Covid-19 Restrictions all classes are 'Live' Online scheduled weekly classes.

Entry requirements

QQI Level 4 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience and an Internet connection for Online.

Certification and Assessment

QQI 5N1619 Retail Selling

When can I start?

Blended/Online with 'Live' Tutor sessions, Tutorials and One-to-One sessions.


Blended/Online (See Virtual Learning Schedule) or Classroom Attendance: 10 x 3 hour classes with 'Live' Tutor

Course Fee

In full or Flexi-pay options available

Payment Options
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