Research and Study Skills - 5N3113

This programme module aims to provide a learner with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to engage in research and study on an academic programme.


It is concerned with the skills required to conduct research and the theoretical underpinnings of different research approaches. It will advance knowledge and skills in the area of research in order to promote confidence and competence in undertaking a research assignment and how to develop better study skills.

QQI Level 4 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience.

QQI 5N3113 Research and Study Skills Component Certificate

Options for you to complete your Course:

- You can book 'Live' Tutor, scheduled weekly classes, OR

- You can book One-to-One Private classes with a Tutor, OR

- You can book an eLearning Online Course only.

  • To explore the key features and functions of a range of research and experimental methodologies and methods.

  • To assist the learner to develop the academic and specialist vocabulary and language skills appropriately, related to Research and Study skills.

  • To facilitate learners to reflect on their own approach/style of learning.

  • It will enable students to use technologies and resources that will underpin their research and and familarise them with the concept of time management and planning.

  • To enable the learner to gather, interpret, and present information, through academic writing skills (writing, reviewing, editing, referencing).

  • Assist learners in becoming aware of motivational and organizational factors which affect learning.

  • To enable the learner to recognize the difference between plagiarized texts and texts which have been correctly cited and referenced.

To develop an understanding of civil law relating to copyright, and intellectual property rights.

Blended/Online with 'Live' Tutor sessions, Tutorials and One-to-One sessions.

Blended/Online (See Virtual Learning Schedule) or Classroom Attendance: 5 x days (1 day per week)

In full or Flexi-pay options available

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