Leadership - 6N2191

This programme module aims to provide a learner with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to proficiently understand the role and skills of a good leader within the learners’ vocational areas and to understand that in leadership there needs to be a clearly defined task and a skilful process to manage this task that defines the core skill set of an effective and efficient, Leader

QQI Level 5 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience.

QQI 6N2191 Leadership Component Certificate

Options for you to complete your Course:

- You can book 'Live' Tutor, scheduled weekly classes, OR

- You can book One-to-One Private classes with a Tutor, OR

- You can book an eLearning Online Course only.

  • To understand the meaning of Leadership and its evolving meaning within today’s environment for key organisations through examination of history, global, national and local impact of great leaders and their impact on society

  • To explore different styles of leadership and understand these approaches within a range of context and settings and to demonstrate the need for leadership in all areas of life

  • To explore and self-assess great leadership skills and follow up on demonstrating those skills through a task/ project/ case study. This will include communication and listening skills, negotiating and decision-making skills, giving constructive feedback and Criticism, problem solving skills, Group Dynamics and facilitation, conducting effective meetings, appraisal and evaluation of outcome and process

  •  Engage is self-assessment, appraisal and self-reflection though undertaking a project/ task / completing a case study with a group and creating a development plan based on the results attained though this process

  • Learn how to manage a Task/ Project or Case Study demonstrating leadership skills and effective team performance resulting in personal and group evaluation and review as well as clear outcomes achieved.

Blended/Online with 'Live' Tutor sessions, Tutorials and One-to-One sessions.

Blended/Online (See Virtual Learning Schedule) or Classroom Attendance: 5 x days (1 day per week)

In full or Flexi-pay options available

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