Computer Applications - 4N1112

The aim of this course is to provide learners with an understanding of and practical experience in the use of the common generic applications (i.e. Database, Spreadsheets and Computer Graphics).  It provides an introduction to computer applications which will enable the learner to use the computer in a working environment and to proceed to further modules in each of the applications.

QQI Level 3 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience.

QQI 4N1112 Computer Applications Component Certificate

Options for you to complete your Course:

- You can book 'Live' Tutor, scheduled weekly classes, OR

- You can book One-to-One Private classes with a Tutor, OR

- You can book an eLearning Online Course only.

Learners will: be able to identify applications suitable for database, understand the terms database, file, record, field, data type,  identify a key field, identify possible data types as numeric, character/text, date and logical, access a database system, identify the component parts of a record structure, create a database file from a given structure, enter data, edit data, add new records, add new fields to existing record structure, save a database, recall an existing database, browse the database,  query the database on a single field, organise (sort and/or index) the database on a single field, output data to screen and printer, exit from the database using proper procedures.

Blended/Online with 'Live' Tutor sessions, Tutorials and One-to-One sessions.

Blended/Online (See Virtual Learning Schedule) or Classroom Attendance: 10 x 3 hour classes

In full or Flexi-pay options available

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