Communications - 6N1950

This programme module aims to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and nonverbally in a comprehensive range of everyday tasks, in work-related tasks independently, and/or in a supervisory capacity including using Social Media as a method of communication.

QQI Level 5 Certificate, or equivalent life/work experience.

QQI 6N1950 Communications Component Certificate

March 2020

Day or evening classes

  • critique current issues in communications and information technology, to include digital and mobile technology, the internet, and the policies and principles relevant to a vocational area, while evaluating in practical terms the legislation that must be observed.

  • include health, safety and welfare at work and communications-related legislation, and the responsibilities that apply when working in a supervisory capacity.

  • examine the impact of non-verbal communication, to include presentation aids, handouts, using effective listening skills, participating in group work; using different reading techniques, media texts, official documents, business communications; drafting, editing and proofreading skills and the correct conventions of language usage while displaying qualities such as assertiveness, self-confidence, tact, diplomacy, empathy and patience.

  • identify, and critically analyse, influences on communication.

  • Critically examine and evaluate their own communication skills and those of others.

  • Demonstrate competency in basic verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Determine the critical communications requirements for a given situation.

  • Present information in a structured, coherent and appropriate manner.

  • Work within a group to present a consistent and coherent message.


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